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To the Conscious Christians

To the Conscious Christians:
My name is Britta, and I am a Conscious Christian. I have God-given, mystical gifts. I follow Christ, my intuition, and good vibrations. 

Here is what I want you to know:I call myself spiritual although I practice Christianity. I call myself a Christ-follower; when people ask me about my religion, I say that I "follow Christ." The term Christian follows a negative connotation. Judgment, bigotry, elitism, white nationalism, homophobia, anti- everything, etc. So, I almost do not want to be associated with their brand.  This is why The Conscious Christian exists. I feel a calling to share the mystical side of Christianity. The one that I operate in because that's simply the only way that I know how.
Just says Paul says in Corinthians 12:27-31, God gives us spiritual gifts, and we are obligated to share them.  There is no reason that I should hide them or have to straddle two worlds. God exists in them all. In fact, Jesus makes the invisible God vis…

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